100% All-Natural Antioxidant Formula

CELLCODE is a potent antioxidant dietary supplement formulated by the team of scientist from Malaysian Agriculture Research & Development Industry (MARDI). Powering the CELLCODE is our award winning formula of antioxidant Phloretin-G, Vitexin-2-0-rhamnoside and Ferulic Acid that effectively participate in the body’s antioxidant defense systems that contribute to healthy aging.

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CELLCODE for Health

Improve Energy and Fitness Level

It helps to stabilize the hemoglobin (Hb) levels in blood and carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Boost The Immune System

It helps to boost the immune system in the body to defend against infection and illness.

Reduce Inflammation

Phloretin-G and Vitexin are known to have anti-inflammatory effects and may be used to treat arthritis.

Higher Level of Coronary Blood Flow

It prevents the blood clots, which leads to heart attack and stroke.

Reduce The Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol Level

Level of LDL cholesterol could be decreased hence reducing the risk for artery coronary disease.

Strengthen The Heart

It reliefs the heart muscle, thus it become more efficient and better able to pump blood throughout the body.

Lower Creatinine Levels

It helps to lower the Creatinine level that could impair the kidney functions.


Reverse The Aging Process

The high antioxidant capacity in Phloretin-G fights against free radical in the body, and prevent cell dam- aged. The damage occurs when free radicals steal fat electrons in the skin cell membrane.

Skin Protection From UV Rays

Topical antioxidant compound containing Phloretin-G, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C protect skin from the harmful UV rays.

Improve Skin Elasticity, Keep It Firm and Moisturized

Phloretin-G prevents Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP-1); skin disease related enzyme that could damage skin tissue and prevent Dermal Fibroblast.

Fibroblast is active skin replacement and it produce collagen. Collagen and elastin are protein that give effect to firm and tight skin.

Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Phloretin-G delays the process of sugar storage in the skin cell which is known as Advanced Glycation End products (AGE). AGE are harmful compounds that are formed when protein or fat combined with sugar in the bloodstream.

Lighten The Dark Spots, Pigmentation and Freckles

Control level of tyrosinase, a natural enzyme that results in the production of melanin in skin cells.

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1 Bottle/day

CELLCODE can be consumed whenever you are in need of energy, before breakfast or bedtime

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2 Weeks

Visible improvement in skin and health after 2 weeks of continuous consumption


40 Apples

1 bottle of CELLCODE contains 40 times the amount of phloretin in green apples

Client Testimonials
What our consumer have to say

Kulit wajah saya semakin elok, bertenaga. Saya seorang ibu yang masih meyusukan anak, saya berpuasa pun steady dan yang paling obvious muka saya tak nampak lesu

- Puan Suzenna, 37 Years Old

My LDL cholesterol score dropped remarkably from 2.5 to 0.7.

- Dato’ Othman Bin Razali, 60 Years Old

Saya dah amalkan CellCode selama 2 minggu, Alhamdulillah kesan strech marks di perut lepas bersalin semakin hilang, jujurnya CellCode memang terbaik!

- Puan Azah, 35 Years Old

Diagnosed with a chronic heart disease, I often feel tired and short of breath. After taking one box of CELLCODE, I feel more energetic and my cardio conditions has improved.”

- Mohd. Syareme B. Mohd Shariff, 41, Former Football Player for Kuala Lumpur

CELLCODE is a wholesome product. It has greatly improved my health and energy levels.

- Y.Bhg Al-Fadzil Ustaz Muhamad Abdullah CELLCODE Consumer

I suffered from sinusitis. After drinking just two bottles of CELLCODE my nose discharged a large amount of mucus and my breathing has improved since then.

- Mrs. Sazali

For the past 20 years, I suffered from migraine when menstruating. After drinking just two bottles of CELLCODE I instantly feel that my migraine disappeared.

- Y.Bhg Al-Fadzil Ustaz Muhamad Abdullah CELLCODE Consumer

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. Please be sure to consult your physician before taking this or any other product. Consult your physician for any health problems

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